Dual Booting 64 Bit devices

First boot

It's finally time to put the iPhone into pwned dfu and boot using irecovery:

Put in pwned DFU mode and ensure BootROM signature checks have been disabled.

Send iBSS, along with iBEC: (make sure to send regular iBEC this time!)

irecovery -f iBSS.img4

irecovery -f iBEC.img4

Once again for A10 and newer devices ONLY:

irecovery -c go

send and load ramdisk:

irecovery -f ramdisk

irecovery -c ramdisk

send and load devicetree:

irecovery -f devicetree.img4

irecovery -c devicetree

If your target system is iOS 12.x or newer, send signed trustcache: (otherwise this can be skipped)

irecovery -f trustcache.img4

irecovery -c firmware

Send kernelcache and bootx:

irecovery -f kernelcache.img4

irecovery -c bootx

In the case of generating keybags:

If you see “AppleKeyStore: disabling use of effaceable storage, using fake key”, in verbose output, you can reboot to first system.

Now mount disk0s1s3 and put keybagd in its original place:

mv /mnt1/usr/libexec/keybagd_bak /mnt1/usr/libexec/keybagd

We’re done. If you’ve done everything correctly the device should boot in the next boot.

Dual Booting 64 Bit