Dual Booting 64 Bit devices

iOS 13

With the introduction of iOS 13 Apple moved fstab from filesystem to DeviceTree. Partitions are now recognized with roles:

Free roles are l, r and 0.
We can't write more volumes with same roles and fstab from filesystem will be ignored. The best way for getting our kernel to boot with second data is patching devicetree to use role 0 on Data partition and create system with one of the two free roles.


newfs_apfs -o role=r -A -v SystemB /dev/disk0s1

newfs_apfs -o role=0 -A -v DataB /dev/disk0s1

Modifying Filesystem

mkdir /mnt1/private/xarts

Patching Bootchain


You can patch using dtree_patcher.

Unpack the devicetree:

img4 -i DeviceTree* -o dtree.raw

And patch it:

dtree_patcher dtree.raw dtree.patched -d (-n)

Pack patched devicetree into img4:

img4 -i dtree.patched -o devicetree.img4 -A -M IM4M -T rdtr

Boot process is different, we have to send more bootchain.

Change iBoot boot-partition to 5:

Search for "com.apple.kernelcache" and change the 0 behind it to 5 (or your System partition-1, disk0s1s1=0, disk0s1s2=1).

Pack aopfw, ISP (adc-nike), AudioCodecFirmware (CallanFirmware), Multitouch and Trustcache into img4:

img4 -i image.im4p -o image.img4 -M IM4M

First Boot

Send iBSS, iBEC, applelogo, devicetree and all signed images. Then load them using firmware command:

irecovery -f image.img4

irecovery -c firmware

Send kernelcache and bootx:

irecovery -f kernelcache.img4

irecovery -c bootx

Dual Booting 64 Bit