Dual Booting 64 Bit devices

Ramdisk boot

It's time to boot the ramdisk and flash the new filesystem:

Put in pwned DFU mode and ensure BootROM signature checks have been disabled.

Send iBSS, along with iBEC:

irecovery -f iBSS.img4

irecovery -f iBECRamdisk.img4

Note for A10 and newer devices ONLY: Apple unified all iBoot images and as a result booting iBEC is slightly different.

After sending iBSS, the device will already be in recovery. in order to boot iBEC from iBSS, we must send the go command from iBSS recovery mode.

irecovery -c go

Device screen should go blank and light up again once iBEC boots.

send and load ramdisk:

irecovery -f ramdisk

irecovery -c ramdisk

send and load devicetree:

irecovery -f devicetree.img4

irecovery -c devicetree

If your target system is iOS 12.x or newer, send signed trustcache: (otherwise this can be skipped)

irecovery -f trustcache.img4

irecovery -c firmware

Send kernelcache and bootx:

irecovery -f kernelcache.img4

irecovery -c bootx

If you did everything correctly ramdisk should boot and run apfs_invert.

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Dual Booting 64 Bit