Dual Booting 64 Bit devices

Dual Booting 64 Bit devices


Previously, all public information regarding iOS dual booting has been for 32bit devices, e. g. iPhone 5 and older, and iPad 4th Generation and older. In this guide, we are going to be dual booting 64 bit devices, (iPhone 5s and newer). Keep in mind, the information you will see here focuses on APFS, Apple's new partition scheme, instead of old style HFS+. Just a little note, it should be possible to dual boot any version, provided the currently installed SEP is compatible with the target operating system. At the time of this article, we can only boot with the checkm8 exploit, which limits us to tethered boots of the secondary operating system.


There's no warranty given. Follow this guide on your own risk. If something goes wrong, a restore should fix everything.


Partitioning and Restoring RootFS
Patching Bootchain
Making custom ramdisk
Ramdisk Boot
Modifying filesystem partition
First boot
iOS 13

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Credits/Thanks to:

@axi0mx for checkm8 exploit
@b1n4r1b01 for restored_external tricks
@LinusHenze for ipwndfu fork
@nyan_satan for original 32 bit guide and fixkeybag
@tihmstar for iBoot64Patcher and liboffsetfinder64
@xerub for img4lib
@JonathanSeals for relzss